SMSを活用した被災地コミュニケーション、国際赤十字・赤新月社連盟/ SMS playing critical roles in communications at disaster sites, Insights from IFRC experience

Power of digital communications at disaster sites

BHN テレコム協議会の皆様へ、Dear colleagues of BHN Telecom,

今週、ジュネーブで開かれたLift 11 という大変ユニークなコンファランスに出ましたが、そこで、大変興味深いセッションに参加しました。

At Lift 11, I participated in an exciting session, “Digital Disaster”.

IFRC《 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 》(国際赤十字・赤新月社連盟、本部ジュネーブ)のコミュニケーション担当の方が、被災地での人道支援に携帯、ツイッターなどをコミュニケーションの道具として活用したご経験を話されました。

Mobile phones, Twitter adding to a traditional community radio in communication tools at disaster sites.

大変内容豊富なお話で、興味が尽きませんでした。また、良い機会でしたので、発表者のPaul Conneally氏と、セッション参加者にBHNをご紹介しました。

Paul Conneally氏、プレゼン資料 Presentation →



You may also wish to see the videos, that tell us how much communication empower people in poor community and disaster sites.

キベラ、スラムから誕生したコミュニティーニュース / Kibera News program grown from a slam in Nairobi

SMSと繋がるハイチのコミュニティーラジオ Haiti Community Radio coupled with sms

ミーティングノート抜粋 / Highlights of the presentation

Digital Disaster, Paul Conneally, IFRC

 Convinced that community engagement is essential for technology to function as it is meant.

 Technology is a tool. We must tell a story to people, especially in humanitarian aid. We must be accountable to the beneficiaries.

 We are dealing with communities, not survivors, victims, etc.

 Mobile phones, platforms, — spreading out in LDCs. = New possibilities

 Lack of information – The first thing needed in a disaster pace

 Mobile comm’n is the first to rebuild. Put power generator in place.

Haiti is a game changer!

➢ Common denominator is a mobile platform → Changed the disaster assistance

Combined with Twitter, skype

TERA – Mobile phone platform entirely based in the reiogn – Haiti. Developed by people who would be using the service.

 SMS based information system.

➢ 6 million in the preparedness campaign.

➢ Cholera 2.1 million SMS on public health sent.

➢ Sexual violence 1 million SMS delivered.

*733 Red Cross

➢ Hundreds of volunteers worked with us. → NGO

➢ SMS commn’n supplemented by all other mainstream media; local radio, newspapers, telephone, etc.

 In TERA system, many things can be done even from GVA.

On Twitter

 We did tweeting from the disaster ground in Haiti, to report the reality. Not the same as news reported by mass media!

Lessons learnt

 Community engagement = Have beneficiaries say!

 From Tweet to main stream media

 Storyful. Curation of social web. There are always people closer to the reality.

 Convergence = Key



There is a large room for cooperation between communications and ICT specialists, in other words Users and Technologies!

SMSを活用した被災地コミュニケーション、国際赤十字・赤新月社連盟/ SMS playing critical roles in communications at disaster sites, Insights from IFRC experience”へ2件のコメント

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    This is very informative report. I started several months ago to read your report and have already got very useful suggestions. I wish to continue to follow your excellent jobs. Many thanks.

    From Tokyo Kodaira.

  2. Yoshiko より:

    Dear Shinji,

    Thank you so much for being a reader of my blog. It’s encouraging for me to know that there are readers like you.

    There is a huge gap between people and technologies. It’s a pity.

    I feel my mission to alleviate the gap. By focusing on the gap, I obtain rich insights on human beings and technologies.


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